The Best Programming Languages to Start Learning

Everyone always wonders what the best programming languages to start learning are, but the truth is that this question is a complete waste of time and there is no good answer to it.To start learning programming languages, you must first ask yourself which language will suit you and your needs better? For example, do you want to work on websites or programs or mobile applications?Programming languages are many and there isn’t an old or new one, the most important thing is that it fulfills the needs of whichever project you want to work in. There are also many companies who prefer that a person knows more than one programming language. Contributing Factors to choosing the best programming language:-          The language that provides the best understanding of key concepts.-          The language that helps you move onto learning other languages easily and smoothly.-          The language that helps you in marketing your work.To learn the basics of programming, Python and Ruby are extremely useful, but #C and Java are more recommended for helping you move to other languages easily, along with ++C as well.Let’s take a quick tour through these languages:JavaIt is an object-oriented programming language that appeared for the first time in 1995. It was designed by James Gosling and it’s considered to be the most popular language in programming.Uses:Network programming, web applications development, program development, graphical user interface development.Used by:Android (operating system and applications)    #CAlso an object-oriented language that first appeared 2000, designed by Microsoft, and it’s similar to Java. It features the quality of fast performance but its downside is that it only works on Windows. ++CEveryone considers this to be the best language for building applications. It was designed by Bjarne Stroustrup. Its advantage is how fast it is but its disadvantage is that many believe that it has become ‘old’.Uses:Games programming, and it’s also an integral part in building programs.Used in:Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Python:An object-oriented language as well that is characterized by being easy to learn and simple to code and read. It was designed by Guido van Rossum and appeared for the first time in 1991.Uses:Web Application Development, program development, and information security.Used in:Google and Yahoo RubyThis language first appeared in 1993 and was designed by the Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto. It’s completely object-oriented and easy to learn.Uses: Web Applications Development and Ruby on RailUsed in: Twitter and Hulu.  As for languages that help you in marketing, it depends on whether you want to:- Build your own websites (Php)- Build Apple applications (Objective-C)- Build Android applications (Java) Objective-CIt’s a programming language that is mainly used by Apple. It was designed by Brad Cox and Tom Love and first appeared in 1983.Uses: programming Apple applications. PhpPhp was designed by Rasmus Lerdorf and it first appeared in 1995. It is the most popular language in building interactive web applications as if it’s an open-source.Used in:Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Joomla. In the end, as mentioned before, the most important thing in starting to learn a programming language is to choose one that will pave the way in learning other languages.

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