How To Avoid Mistakes That Can Significantly Ruin Your Google Ranking

Well, you might be a newbie, but trust us, Google doesn’t care. You may be just starting in the world of SEO to support your business’s website and hoping you can do it on your own.The Internet is full of resources and places where you can learn and if Google does not support you, we will try to help you avoid making some of the beginner mistakes. Thin ContentThin content is a common consequence of focusing on providing content quantity rather than quality. All content you have on your website should be of high relevance to its title, meta description, and the keywords associated with it.If you think that you are going to increase traffic and lure someone into visiting your website by tricking them into thinking that your content is just what they need, think again.Internet users remember their bad experiences and they will keep clear of your website. Also, with thin content, your website will have a high bounce rate, and a low click-through rate. It should be vice versa if you want to improve your ratings. Too many adsWe are very happy that you are doing great and you get a lot of that advertising buck to support your business and your website. However, believe it or not, Google does not appreciate it.A genuine user experience is the new focus of all marketing efforts, across all industries. A lot of ads above the fold, as well as numerous pop-ups, are something that Google will penalize you for.Again, your click-through rate will be affected, as well as your bounce rate. Use ads on your website, but by all means, keep a tasteful amount of them and do not create a nuisance for your users. Unoriginal contentThis is a very basic type of mistake to make. Do not try to make your website more popular by being unoriginal and posting duplicate content.You should be particularly mindful if your website accepts guest posts. Check the originality of the content before posting it. Some people try to build names for themselves by snatching successful content from the web.   Not taking advantage of the given toolsSometimes you make a mistake by not acting. There are certain tools which can help you improve your ratings with very little effort but choosing to ignore them can have a harmful impact on your website.The first example of one such perk is using a given tool for local business optimization. Perhaps you are not number one on SERP globally, but you could easily become number one locally. Use Google My Business to set yourself up for a local listing. Other browsers have similar options.Another, even more, an important aspect is ignoring analytic tools. You should always keep track of your work, review it, and know when to raise a red flag. If you see your metrics acting strangely, troubleshoot and locate the issue before it destroys your reputation.If it gets severely damaged, you will need the assistance from an SEO reseller for professional services. The bad reputation of your website can have a serious impact on your business’s well-being. Autoplay and unskippable videosWhile video content is regarded as highly desirable by Google, and you even get extra points for having them, you will be causing damage to a different front line.If a user chooses to visit your website for the sake of reading an article, for example, presenting them with an unskippable ad will make them navigate straight from your page. Such imposition could make them doubtful of the quality of the content you are displaying, and they will not bother with waiting for it to finish.On the other hand, autoplay videos are simply rude. You could be causing a major disturbance and confusion within once domestic setting by all of a sudden playing loud music. They will not only navigate away from your page but will immediately close the browser. General keyword issuesThere is a lot of ways you can improperly use keywords and they usually either make your SEO efforts fruitless or they land you a Google penalty. Keywords are in a way tags you use to show what can be expected in your content. However, use them strategically.If you thought of your keyword yourself, congrats, but that’s not enough. You need to do extensive research to see which keywords are best rated for their relevancy and search frequency, as well as find those which differentiate you from your competition. Once you have the set of keywords you want to use them, look for guidance to see how you can do it. Unless you are optimizing an Amazon listing, you should stay clear of using all the keywords in the world on a single page. Also, keep a tasteful frequency and do not repeat the same keywords much time across the pages of your website. Keep track of your backlinksBacklinks are a valuable SEO tool but they can cause you a lot of trouble. Check them regularly to ensure that all of them are working and that you are not associated with disreputable websites. One of your competitors may be trying to ruin your reputation with poor backlinks.Furthermore, avoid building too many backlinks in a short period of time. Google algorithms will recognize this trend and deem it suspicious. You will likely get penalized for it. You know that having a website is useless without proper SEO. There are mistakes any beginner will make.However, you will avoid most of them by not trying to trick the system, by acting in a fair way and being a reputable person behind a reputable business.

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