Idealism and flexibility in website design

Randomly placing content within your website’s pages will make its appearance random and unorganized. The web or polar layout arranges your site within sections, tables and boxes on a regular and moderate basis that gives your site pages a better look. Studies have shown that most people scan computer screens in a certain F-shaped pattern. This means that they look more at the top of the screen and the left side of the page. This makes that the screen’s right side is rarely paid attention to. Therefore, the site designed effectively must fit with the nature of the method of the reader and provide him with information in his preference rather than impose a flow of vision.

All of us hate sites that require a long time to load. So, the most important tip for making your site successful is to make the image measurements perfect. Integrate the code with java script and central CSS (this will reduce HTTP requests) and extract compressed versions of HTML, CSS and Java. It is common today to open sites from different devices with multiple screen sizes, so it is important to keep in mind that the site is suitable for use from a mobile phone. If this is not the case, the site must be adjusted to fit the screen capacity or it may also be possible to design another site for browsing from mobile phones.

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