How to Make sure your customers can find your site?

Creating a Web site is not the magic wand of your success on the web, it must be maintained and promoted, but mostly you should make sure your customers can find your site. We must not neglect this aspect or you can put your project at risk.This is why I would like to stress the importance that the two steps below play on your project.Identify keywords.Optimize the page based on keywords. Identify key wordsHave you ever wondered why, when you type a keyword, your site does not appear in Google.Well! The chances are that your website is well and truly on Google, only it is not indexed with the words you are looking for. To quickly determine whether your website is on Google, type the domain . If you have a result is that your site is listed. It’ll just a matter of working on your keywords. We must take the time to think about this step! First, it’s important to understand what a keyword is? A keyword is a series of words or phrases used to find your website among others. Take the time to choose which phases will be your keywords. Think about the words that ordinary customers will type to find your site? Put yourself in their shoes! If you are a real estate broker for example, your name is not a good keyword, unless you are already very well known! If you want to attract new customers, using the terms “Real estate broker + your area» might be a good keyword phrase. Think about it, the reputation of your site is at stake! Optimize the page based on keywordsNow, that you have identify the keywords, how Google finds these keywords and associates them to your site? Repetition, repetition, repetition! You must include these words or phrases in your site, they must take between 5 and 10 % of the content, and this must remain natural! Integrate these expressions in the content of each page, module titles, URLs and page titles, alternative text images, brief everywhere in your content. Create links that point to other pages on your website for smoother navigation and take advantage to insert your keywords in the text link.Once the keywords are identified, you can easily integrate them into your page . You should go under the “Search engine optimization settings» tab by clicking on the little pencil located at the right of the menu title. Add your keywords in the Keywords field.At that same place,  offers you the option to add other “Metadata” to help your SEO work. The text you enter in the “Title the page” field (Title tag) is displayed at the browser’s tab. The “Page’s URL address” allows you to customize the URL of this page. The text entered in the “Description” field will appear in the search results of various search engines. Think about a short and relevant text.To learn more, click on the following link: Search engine optimization settings.Finally, to improve your positi

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